9:00am - 12:00pm Morning Session (3 hours)

12.00pm - 3.00pm Afternoon Session (3 hours)

We open during term times only.

The adult/child ratio is 1:4 for children aged
2 years to 3 years and 1:8 for 3 years and above.


Settling In

We find it is very helpful to the settling in process, if before starting at playgroup you and your child come for a free play together. We will also complete a ‘Getting to know me’ booklet with your child’s keyperson. This enables us to build relationships with you and your child, and helps you both become more familiar with the playgroup environment.

Children can react very differently when starting playgroup – some ‘settle’ in immediately without any difficulty, while others are less sure and may take longer to ‘settle’. We do require your child to attend for a minimum of two sessions per week which will help with the settling-in process.

If your child cries when you leave, don’t worry, we usually find that most children stop within a few minutes and turn their attention to the activities around them. If however, we felt that your child was in real distress and not settling, we would of course contact you. Alternatively, feel free to ring us at any time to put your mind at rest. Every child is individual and we will advise on each individual situation.

Please clearly label all of your children’s belongings as we often get articles the same. During our morning and afternoon sessions we provide a selection of fruit or vegetables and drinks as snacks using a ‘café’ style system.

If your child is attending lunch they will need to bring a small lunch box which may consist of savoury food and a small dessert, perhaps yoghurt or fruit, but no sweets or nuts please. We do promote healthy eating, so please be conscious of unhealthy snacks.