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Key Person
Our playgroup has developed the ‘key person’ system. This means that each child is given his/her own key person, who will develop a sound positive relationship with them from initially helping them to settle in to following the EYFS framework. The evidence the key person collects regularly through observations, activities and learning opportunities will be constantly added to your child’s learning journal and hence next steps will be planned for future learning and recorded on Tapestry and next step ideas. The Supervisor will also be kept fully aware of all personal pathways developed by the key person and any issues which may arise will be brought to her attention immediately. All pathways and summaries are moderated termly by the supervisor to ensure consistency and highlight any issues arising.

Observations and Assessments
Your key person will keep simple records on Tapestry of your child’s development following the EYFS, once set up you will have instant access to observations and photos of your child. This will involve watching your child at play and seeing how they socialise and join in activities. They involve assessing not only what your child learns, but also how they learn. These records are for your benefit to show you how your child is developing and to aid us with our future planning, basing it on your child’s needs. You can make an appointment at any time to discuss these observations with myself or your child’s key person. If you have no objections, records will be passed on to the primary school which your child will be attending on leaving our playgroup. We will of course require your approval for this. Also we like to share our assessments not only with yourself but any other settings your child might also attend, with your permission.

We have all the policies required, such as Equal Opportunities, Health & Safety, Special Educational Needs and Admissions etc. A copy of all policies and procedures is available for your perusal in the main foyer. If your child requires medicine while at playgroup, this must be handed to a member of staff who will store it appropriately. A medicine form must be filled in before and after the medicine has been administered by two members of staff and yourself (see our medicine admissions policy for details). All the policies are available for you to read here...

Once the children have all arrived, the inner porch door and entrance door is locked. This is for security reasons. In an emergency we can leave the building quickly through the emergency fire exit. All carers must fill in the parent signing in sheet on arrival at playgroup stating time and person to collect your child. If for some reason you are unable to collect your child at the end of a session we MUST be informed. If someone not signed as stated on the daily collection sheet arrives we will not allow your child to leave until we have contacted you and verified the ‘collectors’ identity and received your permission.

Code of Practice
As a playgroup we are accountable to Ofsted and our registration requirements are laid down by their policy documents. Our last Ofsted inspection was January 2015, the results were ‘Outstanding’ overall. Our inspection reports are available for you to see in playgroup or on the Ofsted website. Ofsted Registration Number: EY393742
Ofsted Website:

Equal Opportunities
We have and operate an Equal Opportunities Policy. All our children are treated equally regardless of race, culture, gender, disability or religion or any other differences. This also applies to our parents/carers and our staff. Our staff are trained in anti-discriminatory practices. All our children here are special and individual. We believe that children learn by example, so we treat each child with love and respect, encouraging confidence, kindness, self-esteem and respect of others and their environment. We try to provide a warm, caring and happy environment in which the children can play and learn.

Our policy is clear in that we treat each other the same way we would like to be treated. We try to be firm, but fair and will keep you fully informed of any incidences which have occurred. Likewise, please keep us informed of anything you feel we should know about which concerns you. We do follow our ‘Golden Rules’ system, which encourages and reinforces positive behaviour, managed by the children themselves and supported by the staff. If you would like further information regarding this, please ask.