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Stepping Stones (SW) Ltd
Hudson Way
Tel: 01823 324566


Paula Lukins – Supervisor, ENCO, SENCO, DSL
Emma Raucki – Office Manager
Natalie Mason – Floor Manager & Key Person (maternity leave)
Emma Porter – Acting Floor Manager & Key Person
Vicky Hobbs – Playgroup Co-Ordinator & Key Person (maternity leave)
Jane Watson – Playgroup Co-Ordinator & Key Person
Leah Marlow – Playgroup Co-ordinator & Key Person
Emma Johnson – Playgroup Co-ordinator & Key Person
Becky Jones – Playgroup Co-ordinator, Deputy DSL & Key Person
Lauren Wilkinson – Playgroup Co-ordinator & Key Person
Rosie Breakwell - Playgroup Co-ordinator & Key Person
Bryony Vidler - Playgroup Assistant & Key Person
Jessica Watson - Playgroup Assistant (apprentice)

We are extremely lucky to employ staff who are dedicated to your children’s needs and have their best interests at heart, whether this is of an educational nature or needing a cuddle.

Paula Lukins is the founder / owner of Stepping Stones Playgroup and is a qualified teacher. She has worked with children of all ages and mixed abilities throughout her career.

Any administrative or financial queries please see Emma Raucki on a Tuesday to Thursday or alternatively leave a message with Paula. We do not operate a parent/carer’s rota, but this is your playgroup and you are always welcome to come in, stay for a morning or as long as you or your child requires, or just pop in for a cup of tea and a chat!